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Tea Leaves and Thyme

Life is like a cup of tea. The taste is all up to how you make it.
I only need tea on the days ending in "y".

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Kim and Shelley Jordy excell on selling delicious loose-leaf teas and accessories online.

COLLECTIONS: Flavored and Scented Black Teas and Green Teas, Herbal Infusions, Rooibos Teas, Tea Accessories, and much more.

Kim Jordy, with the help of her friend, Suzanna Spollen, opened a restaurant in downtown Woodstock in 1997. After five years, the restaurant relocated to the historic Dawson House in Woodstock. Kim’s mother was of British descent and always with a cup of tea in hand, passing to Kim her passion for the British beverage. Her father, a classically trained chef and restaurateur helped his daughter realize her dream. After 24 amazing years of serving tea and food, Kim decided to retire and let go of the restaurant aspect of her business. She now focuses on selling loose leaf tea online and spending more time with her family.

Gallery of Collections

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