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2023 Festival Speakers

Finding inspiration at every turn!

Ron Fister: Agricultural Consultant - Turf Grasses

  • 10AM - Topic: "Turf Grass"


Ashley Frasca: Host of "Green and Growing" and Traffic Reporter on 95.5 WSB

  • 11AM - Topic: "Seasonal Gardening Tips and Plant Recommendations"

Charlie Andrews: President of the Azalea Society of America

  • Noon - Topic: "Native Azaleas in Georgia:

Ila Hatter: THE LADY OF THE FOREST is an interpretive naturalist, artist, author, instructor, wildcrafter, and gourmet cook. Ila is a descendant of Pocahontas, was raised on natural remedies along with a love and respect for nature.

  • 1PM - Topic: "Wildcrafting. Natural Remedies, Wild Edibles & Medicinals"

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