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Lathemtown Pottery

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Handmade Pottery Adds Beauty to a Table When Serving Family or Guests!

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George Lathem creates hand-made pieces to be both decorative and functional.

“I like for each piece I make to have more than one use. My hand-made pottery is made to be used for cooking, and most pieces can be displayed on a stand when not in use. I use a variety of glaze colors that you can mix and match.” 

“Before starting a piece, I consider the purpose of the piece, and the size and shape the piece needs to be. I can then determine what type of clay I need to use. Often, I ‘visualize’ a piece, and can sit down and create it”.


Lathem has several signature pieces that collectors recognize.

“One of the most unusual pieces of pottery I make is a ring jug. It is a wheel thrown piece in the shape of a closed, hollow ring. The early purpose of a ring jug was to hold water and was often placed in a creek or river to keep the water inside cool,”

George's Pottery

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