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Valerie Owens / Scent Gal Val

Scentsy is about delivering amazing fragrance experiences and how that makes life better.

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As your Scent Gal Val, I love sharing products that make me happy, in hopes that I can make you happy, too.

Scentsy began in the kitchen of 2 best friends. Moms that were on a mission to find a better, safer way to make their homes smell good. Since those early days almost 19 years ago, Scentsy has grown to include not just the original, authentic Scentsy Wax and Warmers, but an array of products that are infused with our signature Scentsy fragrances (and Made in the USA):

  • Warmers & Wax

  • Diffusers & Oils

  • Air Purifiers, Fan Diffusers & Pods

  • Cleaning Products

  • Body Products

  • Laundry Products

  • Fun things for Kids

Scentsy is headquartered in Idaho and is now a global company. That’s right! Scentsy is sold by consultants in 14 countries around the world now to include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and more!

My Scentsy Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy at a holiday craft show in November 2010.  I was a candle junkie.  You know the type, always searching for that candle that REALLY makes a room smell good.  Well, 20 minutes after I plugged in my Scentsy warmer, I couldn't believe how good the room smelled!  Since I had previously left candles burning overnight by accident, I was thrilled that Scentsy warmers used a light bulb instead of a flame. Soon afterwards, I decided to start my own Scentsy business!  I have a fulltime job, but I was so impressed with Scentsy I wanted to sign up!  I have so much FUN selling Scentsy, meeting great people, and inspiring others to join our Scentsy team! I hope my story will inspire YOU!


Valerie Owens / Scent Gal Val

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