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Ron Fister

Agricultural and Turf Grass Consultant

Ron has spent over 40 years in the agriculture industry throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. He began his knowledge in agriculture from being raised on a fruit, vegetable, hogs, and tobacco farm.  He earned a BS degree in Botany as well and completing many professional courses offered by universities for innovation and management. After he spent three years in the Army as a computer programmer and system analyst, he began a career in many facets of agriculture.

He started as a sales representative and relocated to management positions in sales and marketing within the agriculture industry.  His forward-looking approach allowed him to lead major agriculture companies to successes with introduction of new technologies and products ahead of others within the industry. He had the opportunity to manage advertising, creative packaging concepts and innovative product to establish new concepts for better environmental approaches and higher yields within the industry.  During his career he had opportunities to recruit at major universities, hire and train employees to exceed others in their careers.  He looked at the markets to seek opportunities for greater yields, higher quality while offering greater environmental safety. 

Today, Ron works as a consultant to others and challenges them to seek new directions for successes within agriculture or other industries.

He resides in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife Fran.      

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