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Farmhouse on Lucas by Sydney Tschappat

Laser Engraving and Cutting on Wood, Vinyl, and Acrylic!

My name is Sydney Melton and I am the owner of Farmhouse on Lucas. Crafts have been a hobby of mine since I was a child, when I’d pretend I had an art studio and take orders. Over the last seven year, my hobby has turned into a side-business and given me the opportunity to continue to create. I do laser engraving and laser cut wood, vinyl, and acrylic. My favorite things to engrave are handwritten recipes on cutting boards! I love being able to make unique, meaningful things for people. 

I make a wide variety of items, including jewelry, cutting boards, key chains, car charms, magnets, and farmhouse theme home decor. I also love making DIY paint kits for kids, to inspire those little craft lovers to make things too! 

I am very excited to participate in the Ball Ground Garden Club Festival this year! 

Farmhouse on Lucas.JPG
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